Valiente, La Romano

//Valiente, La Romano

Valiente, La Romano

Okay, There is some internet access here but it’s not that good and if it rains, good luck!

So, I told you about Valiente but what did I miss telling you? I think I didn’t tell you that the bus, affectionately named “La Paloma” had quite a hard time getting there!  It had rained that day and rained HARD! As in most Caribbean countries, it makes it difficult to get around afterwards due to the abundance of new found swimming pools in the road!! Thank you, pot holes. Add to that mud, and steep hills and you’ve got yourself quite the combination! Valiente actually means Valiant in english. The running joke there is that it takes true courage to come to Valiente!

At one point we were trying to get up this incredibly steep hill and the bus just couldn’t make it.  We tried EVERYTHING! As a last ditch attempt, the bus driver tried to go BACKWARDS up the hill, yes, driving in reverse!  Now, I’ve seen it all! That didn’t even work.  Fortunately, some of the people in that village were able to tell us another route that we could possibly take and we ended up making it just fine.

Before we left for Valiente Juan, Iris, Peter and I went shopping for groceries for the people in Valiente. We bought enough food and supplies to last for about two weeks for the people there. We had two shopping carts full to the very brim and packed underneath as well.

La Romana was amazing. I was able to run a game loosely based on some Camp EDIFY.  It was a ton of fun and the kids really enjoyed themselves.  Me too!
Iris and I have sat down and discussed “Campimento” EDIFY at length. It is going to be SO great. They are going to do it this year just for a week. Next year, we’ll go full steam ahead with t-shirts and everything!  I DO have to learn Spanish though, so now I really have some incentive to learn this language quickly!
Oh, and guess who sang at church on Sunday with the worship team?? ha ha! Can you imagine. “Cantare de tu amor por siempre!” meaning “I could sing of your love forever!” I just happened to be in the room when they were practicing and I was like, “Oh, I know this song!” and suddenly it was “Sherely” (that’s what they call me most of the time 🙂 “you sing the verses!” Ummm….okay….ulp!
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